Focus Areas

Transport is an important sector for the EU as well as for North Norway. The transport sector will play an important role in achieving climate neutrality by 2050. Our office engages actively in advocacy and information work to make sure that the North Norway region can both contribute to and take at advantages of the opportunities that exists within the EU.

Research and innovation are vital tools for Europe's ability to reach the targets for the future. New knowledge, technology and innovation are key factors for succeeding with the EU Green Deal, the recovery after COVID-19, and a future green, resilient Europe.

The EU Arctic policy and regional policy is North Norway European Office's most important field of work, because this policy is directly linked to regional development in the north, in all the policy / subject areas we work with. Both our owners, partners, the business community in the region, as well as various organizations and national political environments and authorities have a great interest in what we do, and the results of this.

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