Presented Bodø2024 to a packed hall in the European Parliament: –Welcome to Bodø next year!

That was the final message of Henrik Dagfinrud, Program Director of Bodø2024, during his presentation of the first European Capital of Culture in the Arctic, in the European Parliament earlier this week.

From left: Barbara Fadeev, Salzkammergut2024, Marie Peyre and Henrik Dagfinrud, Bodø2024, Aleksandr Fadeev, Tartu2024. Photo: Maanus Kullamaa/Tartu 2024

First shared event in Brussels

Bodø2024, together with Tartu2042 and Salzkammergut2024, presented their programme together, which is the first time all the European Capitals of Culture has invited to a shared event in Brussels. Through the event, the three capitals of 2024 showed what is possible through European cooperation. 

He shared his personal experience from moving to Bodø eleven years ago, and how Bodø as European Capital of Culture has developed from an idea over a decade ago, to becoming a reality in 2024.

Photo: Maanus Kullamaa/Tartu 2024

As he shared photos with everything from the breathtaking view from his home in Bodø, and the perfect photo opportunity when the Northern Lights are visible over the city skyline, Dagfinrud showed that the Arctic is not only cold, it is also cool.

First European Capital of Culture in the Arctic

Being the first European Capital of Culture above the Arctic Circle, the project recently released the program for 2024, starting with the opening in Bodø on 3. February 2024, with a floating stage in the marina, which impressed the audience. 

Check out the program here. 

– It was a great experience to present Bodø2024 in the European Parliament itself. It felt like we had a very interested audience in the hall. The event had a fantastic ending, when all 400 people in the hall danced out, hand in hand, together with the dance group Kartellet, says Program Director Henrik Sand Dagfinrud to Bodø 

Ida Gudding Johnsen, Vice Mayor of Bodø Municipality Photo: Maanus Kullamaa/Tartu 2024

Bodø as European Capital of Culture is an important project for the whole of North Norway, as it will contribute to building and showcasing attractive communities in the Arctic.

We congratulate Bodø2024 with a great kick-off of the year as European Capital of Culture!